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Contorni / Side dishes


Spinaci € 4,00


Patate fritte € 4,00

fried potatoes

Patate arrosto € 4,00

roasted potatoes

Insalata mista € 4,00

mixed salad

Insalata Iris € 7,00

insalata mista, pachini, olive, mozzarella, rucola

mixed salad, cherry tomatoes, olives, mozzarella, rocket salad

Insalata di pere € 7,00

insalata mista, pere, pecorino, noci, sesamo

mixed salad, pears, cheese, nuts, sesame

Insalata di arancia € 7,00

carote, arancia, rucola, semi di papavero

carrots, orange, rocket salad, poppy seeds

Giant Hamburger € 9,00

salsa rosa, patatine fritte, cipolle fritte, insalata

with cocktail sauce, french fries, fried onions and salad

Giant Cheese Burger € 9,00

patatine fritte, insalata

french fries, salad

Giant Hamburger con bacon € 9,00

patatine fritte, insalata mista

french fries, mixed salad

Hot Dog € 8,00

patatine fritte, insalata mista

french fries, mixed salad

Panino alla caprese € 6,00

pomodoro, mozzarella, insalata, rucola

tomato, mozzarella, salad, rocket salad

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